Center of Nuclear Technology Development, Brazil

Thermal Hydraulic Laboratory

Center of Nuclear Technology Development - CDTN
Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission - CNEN
by Moyses Alberto Navarro (Laboratory Manager)

Researchers and students at the Thermal Hydraulic Laboratory of the Center of Nuclear Technology Development (CDTN) have performed studies on single-phase flows, such as the thermally stratified flows, flows in ducts with obstructions (perforated plates, nozzles or grids), flows through rod bundles and two-phase flows as stratified countercurrent flow. These studies relate to nuclear systems safety. Experiments performed at the laboratory are simulated numerically using the ANSYS Academic product ANSYS CFX, resulting in the final monographs of engineering and graduated students in the field of CFD. 

Flow through nozzle/perforated plate

Thermal stratified flow


Flow through rod bundle