TU-Delft, The Netherlands


The TU Delft team uses ANSYS products to design, analyze and optimize several components on their Formula Student vehicle.

Boomerangs: The two boomerangs serve as the points for engine and differential  mounting. They can be used to adjust the tension in the drive chain.

Brake disc: The brake disc assembly consists of two parts. The inner part, the carrier, is made out of aluminum and carries the steel brake disc. The connection between these two parts is floating, which means that small displacements in the direction of the wheel axis are allowed. In this way the disc, which is subjected to thermal influences, is always centered in the caliper.

Brake pedal: The brake pedal bar has two connection points. The lower one serves as the pivot point and the middle one is the place where the balance bar is connected. The balance bar distributes the pedal force over the front and rear hydraulic circuits. 


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