Concordia University, U.S.A., Racing Team

Concordia's Formula SAE Team uses fundamental engineering concepts. Through iterative computation, our analyses of flow in our intake and exhaust system continue to be an area of improvement. Our team designs and fabricates these components every year based on the concepts we've learned in class. Although these core formulae are crucial to any design, having the ability to run our designs through CFD software would enable our team to achieve our goal of maximizing the flow potential of the engine.

ANSYS FLUENT CFD's capabilities are ideal for our engine team to incorporate into the design and development of the intake and exhaust manifolds. If time permits, the software will also enable our team to begin focusing on aerodynamics. Analyzing the airflow across the body of the car will allow us to fabricate a body with less air resistance. ANSYS FLUENT CFD will also allow our team to explore new ideas such as incorporating downforce mechanisms into our vehicle.

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