ANSYS Workshop: Confidence by Design

May 2, 2012
Holiday Inn Orlando - University of Central Florida
12125 High Tech Ave
Orlando, FL 32817
Cost: Free
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Every product is a promise: to be functional and reliable; to perform better than other designs on the market. ANSYS can help you meet the promises you make. Our engineering simulation suite gives you confidence that your designs will work in the real world.

The Confidence by Design workshop can be a critical step in helping you realize your product promise. This complimentary session teaches you how to leverage our tools to ensure that your designs will work the first time, before any prototypes are built and tested.

Highlights include:

  • Sessions on how to take advantage of engineering simulation, including ANSYS 14.0, to drive product quality and engineering productivity
  • Opportunities to meet with ANSYS experts to discuss how our solutions can improve your product development processes
  • Networking opportunities for for exchanging ideas