Fast, Accurate R&D

Can you simultaneously reach speed and accuracy targets in your product development efforts? ANSYS says yes with industry-standard engineering simulation solutions.

Best-in-Class Companies Demand Fast and Reliable Simuation Tools

Reduce the Length of Your Development Cycle by 22%

The pressures of global competition, complex requirements and shorter development schedules are forcing R&D teams to do more in less time — without sacrificing accuracy.

New product designs start to incur costs from the very outset of the development process. If all goes as planned, they generate revenue only when they make it to market. This product development economics is obvious to any company whose products languish on the "drawing board" for too long — racking up development costs instead of recouping expenditures in the marketplace.

The Right Tools Compress Product Development

One way to get products out the door faster, often while improving their performance and quality, is to make use of engineering simulation software. In many cases, companies whose products involve complex physics can compress their product development cycle by months or even years.

The Right Insight Enables Good Product Decisions

Beyond moving design rapidly through development, you need confidence that the data your simulation generates is reflective of the real world, which consists of multiple physical forces that interact. Accurate results help to prevent overengineering along with its embedded costs. With high-fidelity physics results in hand, engineers can design within smaller safety factors, which can ultimately reduce cost of a product or process. Conversely, poor-quality results can lead to incorrect design specifications and increased development time. Accuracy and reliability of simulation results builds confidence that the solution will operate as intended.

Engineering simulation enables your team to test design candidates in the computer, eliminating bad ideas and iterating on those that have the best promise. As a result, you reduce your reliance on physical testing — and subtract the time it takes to build and test multiple prototypes (along with the resulting costs).

The simultaneous pursuit of speed and accuracy is a critical dilemma that can seem next to impossible. Engineers sometimes believe they must choose one over the other. But ANSYS has incorporated both within its product suite, without compromise. By reducing overall time to reliable solutions, our tools enable organizations to do more in less time with fewer resources than ever before.

Organizations in all sectors, from aerospace, automotive and electronics to energy and healthcare, are utilizing simulation software to identify optimum design solutions and maximize their overall bottom line. Are you?