Consulting Services

Maximize the return on your engineering simulation investment

"We are absolutely pleased how the project was executed. The quality of the results is excellent, and we learned a lot."
Petra Steffe, MAN Diesel & Turbo
As reported by Economic Engineering

Customization of ANSYS environment to calculate the acoustic radiation of an automotive crankcase

ANSYS Consulting Services strives to understand your engineering goals and objectives, then provides customized services that improve the product development process. This, ensures that you get the most value from your engineering simulation investment.

We offer a broad range of value-added services:

  • Technology and methodology transfer
  • Process Compression including:
    • ANSYS software customization
    • Workflow automation
    • Third-party, in-house software integration
    • Development of vertical applications
  • Assessment & Advisory Services
  • ANSYS Embedded Expertise

We can also help you resolving advanced problems by:

  • Elaborating a modeling approach
  • Accelerating your simulation learning curve
  • Customizing software outputs to industry specifics
  • Documenting simulation best practices
  • Providing technology transfer to non-CAE experts

Benefits of using ANSYS Consulting Services

  • Faster time to solution
  • Most efficient use of your valuable resources
  • Risk sharing when developing simulation for new applications
  • Deployment of simulation to a large user group
  • Higher ROI on your engineering simulation investment

ANSYS helps make customers successful by capitalizing on our key strengths, such as the world's largest concentration of modeling experts and state-of-the-art software tools.

For details on how an ANSYS Services team can help your engineering staff, submit the consulting services request form. A local sales representative will contact you shortly.

“At the beginning of our project, our own experience with ANSYS Fluent was not sufficient to efficiently run simulations. Therefore, we subcontracted this project to ANSYS. Now the transferred methodology has been integrated to our internal simulation process. This punctual outsourcing brings several advantages: minimum risk, contractual delivery time, results quality and reliability.”
Fabrice Bocaty, Flow Assurance Engineer, SAIPEM