Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Across the chemical and petrochemical industry, safety, process optimization, energy usage, emission reduction and new product innovation drive advanced engineering and technology development. ANSYS engineering software solutions and services can be used alongside experiments, testing and other process simulation tools. The advantages include detailed, high-fidelity design and analysis of equipment and processes.

Pathlines in dynamic separator show recirculation zones representing  flow interaction and residence time.

Courtesy ESSS.

The broad capabilities of ANSYS technology support a range of physics,  including fluid mechanics (CFD), reaction, thermal, structural, vibration and electromagnetic

Whatever the specific simulation challenge — and whether the reaction is combustion-based, exothermic, endothermic, between species, single-phase or multi-phase — ANSYS solutions have the power to engineer powerful process changes that benefit the overall business.

ANSYS customers include companies in the following industry segments:

  • Basic chemicals
  • Synthetic materials
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Paints, coatings and adhesives
  • Cleaning preparations
  • Other chemical products

For such customers, engineering simulation software from ANSYS has supported significant improvements in areas including:

  • Engineered materials and specialty chemical 
  • Product and process performance and quality
  • Plant and product safety
  • Business and technical viability
  • Energy reduction and environmental protection
  • Cost minimization