Heavy Trucks & Off-Highway

Heavy trucks and off-highway vehicles are subject to tightening pollutant emission norms,.and the market demands fuel efficiency. Simultaneously, off-road vehicle manufacturers are adding sophisticated electronic devices for applications such as automating agricultural tasks.

To optimize vehicles, the sector focuses on system-level objectives, such as tuning the entire powertrain system for efficiency, reducing aerodynamic drag in trucks, and ensuring effective cooling of underbody components — in addition to reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Deploying extensive up-front virtual design exploration helps to ensure safety, quality and reliability early in the design cycle.

ANSYS software delivers the ability to conduct comprehensive simulation of vehicle systems and components. The suite is packed with detailed models, submodels, methodologies and best-practices across all prominent physics for analyzing key vehicle systems and components. Vehicle makers can explore, test and optimize their designs virtually at an early development stage (under a variety of conditions) to eliminate quality and reliability issues up-front. ANSYS advancements in model-based systems engineering and certified embedded code generation can drastically reduce development time while meeting safety standards.

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