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Consumer, environmental and government demands are changing the automotive landscape. Engineering simulation is the key to designing the car of the future.


Designing to Meet 54.5 MPG by 2025

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Faced with growing fuel costs and environmental concerns, vehicle manufacturers must re-engineer all vehicle systems — from aerodynamics, engine and transmission to vehicle body, passenger comfort systems and electrical and electronic systems.

They must also develop viable designs for radically different powertrains of hybrid and electric vehicles by continuing to advance complex new technologies such as batteries and electric traction motors.

Consumer demand for vehicles with enhanced smart technologies and safety features — from infotainment and wireless communications to collision avoidance — has raised the ante on innovation. Automakers must continually identify value-added high-tech functionalities that capture consumer imagination.

Automotive products must perform reliably the first time, and every time. So engineers leverage the power of engineering simulation to address these and other challenges in a fast, cost-effective, risk-free manner. ANSYS solutions enable automotive engineering teams to develop groundbreaking designs that leapfrog the competition — while also delivering a high level of product reliability and integrity.

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