Business Initiatives

How do you deliver the product you envision? Innovate smartly, reduce costs and meet market targets by leveraging engineering simulation.

Your Product is your Brand. It's that Simple.

With your organization's future on the line, you can't afford to have a problem with your product. The cost of being wrong and the value of being right have never been greater. External market conditions are squeezing the margin for error to the point where you cannot afford (and maybe not even survive) even one instance of being wrong. At the end of the day, executives at every level need to have confidence that the product they envisioned is the product that makes it to market.

Product Development Solutions to Impact the Bottom Line — and More

Today's declining price points and margins have forced manufacturers to drive costs out of every aspect of their operations, from the earliest design stage to the final distribution steps. At the same time, increasing competition from traditional and emerging channels has placed new emphasis on rapid product innovation and continuous differentiation.

That need to innovate – to create the next must-have smartphone or electric car or HDTV – drives market leaders around the world. Smart companies know they can drive new sources of revenue through the power of innovation.

How do you simultaneously increase a design’s originality while reducing its risk of unexpected failure? How do you balance consumer demands against the bottom line and win the product race? ANSYS works with customers around the globe to help them meet their financial, product engineering, client-related and strategic goals using our engineering simulation solutions. Our technology enables you to innovate faster, design smarter and produce more efficiently while lowering risk and costs, all while enhancing your own reputation and value. This is the power of ANSYS — enabling customers to unleash their potential and deliver the promise of their products.

Put the Advantages to Work for You

More than 40,000 customers can testify that ANSYS is a key to product success. In fact, 96 of the top 100 industrial companies on the Fortune Global 500 use our software. They've incorporated some critical concepts that lead to intelligent product decisions: