Fast-Tracking ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Development with Simulation

October 20, 2017

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM (EST)


Automation Alley
2675 Bellingham Drive
Troy, MI 48083

Krista Loeffler

ADAS and autonomous vehicles are profoundly disrupting the automotive industry. Major technological leaps are necessary to bring these disruptive innovations to life. Whole new engineering fields – such as artificial intelligence – need to be developed, yet time-to-market is short and competition intense. Estimates indicate that billions of miles of road testing will be necessary to ensure safety and reliability of ADAS and autonomous vehicles. This seemingly impossible task can only be accomplished with the help of engineering simulation. 

With simulation, thousands of scenarios and design parameters can be virtually tested with precision, speed and cost economy. Join ANSYS as we discuss simulation challenges, methods, and best-practices for all aspects of autonomous vehicle simulation:

  • Radar simulation
  • Camera and lidar simulation
  • Algorithm modeling and development
  • Functional safety analysis
  • Vehicle dynamics simulation
  • World modeling and scenario simulation
  • System and component simulation

Expert speakers from ANSYS as well as from customer and partner companies will provide insights into simulation methods along with real-life examples and demonstrations.