Parameters - Don't Iterate, Automate!

January 25, 2017

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)


8601 Robert Fulton Drive
Suite 140
Columbia, MD 21046

Matt Mehalic

Parameters - Don't Iterate, Automate!

Whether you analyze designs that are one of a kind, are mass produced, or anything in between, DesignXplorer can be utilized to explore, understand and optimize your engineering challenges. We will discuss how DesignXplorer is used for sensitivity studies and design of experiments to create a response surface relating input parameters to design goals. From this response surface, an optimized and robust design is created and can be inspected with a six-sigma analysis. Even if you are not looking to optimize a design, DesignXplorer can still be used to enhance your productivity through its automatic, overnight batch submission of dozens of design validation scenarios allowing you to gain more insight into your product’s performance. We also have new topology optimization tools that can, for example, optimize geometric shape for any given loading scenario. DesignXplorer is built into the R17/R18 licensing and the Topology Optimization ACT for R17 is available for download, while Topology Optimization will be natively available in R18. We will discuss all these tools, include a hands-on session and hold office hours afterwards.

Please note that the hands-on session limits registration to 20 attendees.