Inaugural Issue 2016

Dimensions - Volume I, Issue 1, 2016 - Taking Flight with AIRBUS

Dimensions Magazine

Dimensions magazine explores business trends through the eyes of executives in world-leading companies. These industry leaders share best practices and ideas to inspire you to rethink your own business strategies with regard to a wide variety of topics that include inspiring innovation, engineering communications, breaking into to new markets, speeding products to market, remaining competitive, and much more.

  • The Era of Unbounded Product Opportunity
    The Era of Unbounded Product Opportunity

    Forward-looking companies are tackling innovation challenges and opportunities in surprising new ways — and their stories can inspire the rest of us to work smarter, faster and more efficiently in our own business pursuits.

  • Business Success by Design
    Business Success by Design

    Engineering excellence differentiates the leaders from the followers In today’s volatile and hyper-competitive business world.

  • Mastering Complexity
    Mastering Complexity

    Executives at Airbus explain how the aerospace giant uses simulation to manage and integrate the increasingly complex, distributed smart systems that comprise the modern jet aircraft.

  • Charging Ahead
    Charging Ahead

    A unique research and development approach helps Qualcomm Technologies tackle the new frontier of wirelessly charging electric vehicles.

  • Whirlpool Engineers Get Social
    Whirlpool Engineers Get Social

    The Whirlpool Commons has become a virtual collaboration and meeting space for hundreds of the company’s engineers located in every corner of the world.

  • Five Keys to Powering Productivity
    Five Keys to Powering Productivity

    In designing complex rotating machinery, the generator product development group at Siemens Power and Gas balances uncompromising product quality with rapid delivery of its systems — while keeping personnel costs reasonable.

  • Generating Innovation
    Generating Innovation

    A successful 162-year-old world leader in small hydropower systems and engine cooling pumps Gilkes, has a few lessons for other companies targeting major innovation.

  • The New Space Race
    The New Space Race

    Next-generation rocket technologies and leading-edge engineering practices are moving Firefly Space Systems toward making space more accessible.

  • Innovative at Heart
    Innovative at Heart

    Healthcare company Cardiatis is changing the way employees at all levels of the organization use specialized technology that is traditionally associated with product-development engineering.

  • SMART Goals for a Smartphone Chipset Design Team
    SMART Goals for a Smartphone Chipset Design Team

    In Qualcomm’s Smartphone Chipset Design Team, the five letters “PPATS” play a critical role in product development.

  • The Internet of Things and the Changing Landscape of Product Design
    The Internet of Things and the Changing Landscape of Product Design

    Simulation practices are key for realizing the next-generation manufacturing enterprise.

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