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ANSYS Advantage - Best of High-Tech

Best of High-Tech

The electrification of our world continues at a rapid pace. The conveniences of the modern world — ubiquitous communication through internet-enabled phones, electronic payments and digital streaming, to name a few — are all due to continuous engineering innovations delivered through cheaper, faster, more-precise electronics. This special issue of ANSYS Advantage includes many examples that validate the value of engineering simulation for building better high-tech products.

  • Delivering the Best of High-Tech
    Delivering the Best of High-Tech

    From semiconductor design to structural integrity and aerodynamic performance, high-fidelity 3-D simulation enables engineers to converge on the best solutions faster, gain quicker insight into trade-offs, and minimize overdesign with ease.

  • Under the Hood
    Under the Hood

    The electronics in modern automobiles must operate in a high-temperature, underhood environment without sacrificing performance or reliability.

  • Hot Flash
    Hot Flash

    Using a reduced-order method, engineers at Fairchild Semiconductor have been able to decrease development time for electronic components for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

  • More Music Less Noise
    More Music Less Noise

    As automotive infotainment units become more complex, designers turn to simulation at the chip level to ensure reliable, noise-free performance.

  • Wearing a Wire
    Wearing a Wire

    Simulation helps to optimize body-worn wireless devices for an emerging class of applications.

  • Making Waves
    Making Waves

    ANSYS HFSS helps to deliver innovative communications and networking solutions.

  • I Hear You
    I Hear You

    Simulation improves hearing aid performance while saving time and money by quickly iterating through design alternatives.

  • Charged Up

    Medtronic ensures the safety of recharging subcutaneous medical devices through simulation.

  • More Gain, Less Pain
    More Gain, Less Pain

    Using simulation, Vortis can design a more efficient cellphone antenna in up to 90 percent less time.

  • Board Games
    Board Games

    ANSYS Electronics Desktop saves hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time in the design of a high-speed printed circuit board.

  • Overcoming Uncertainties in High-Speed Communications Channels
    Overcoming Uncertainties in High-Speed Communications Channels

    ANSYS HFSS helps verify the ability of cost-effective laminates to support communications speeds of 10 gigabits per second or greater.

  • Maintaining Power and Signal Integrity
    Maintaining Power and Signal Integrity

    The ever-changing hardware that supports big data and the Internet of Things must be fast, reliable and quickly developed.

  • The Backbone of the IoT
    The Backbone of the IoT

    ClariPhy delivers ultrahigh-speed systems-on-chip (SoC), with the highest level of data integrity, while meeting power, performance, bandwidth and cost requirements.

  • Quantum Leap
    Quantum Leap

    A quantum computer developer reduces processor temperature to near absolute zero with the assistance of ANSYS multiphysics tools.

  • The Big Data Chill
    The Big Data Chill

    The leading provider of closed-loop liquid cooling systems for data centers employs thermal simulation with ANSYS software to optimize cooling system components.

  • Making Sensors for the IoT
    Making Sensors for the IoT

    An experienced MEMS developer describes some of the issues involved in creating reliable MEMS and provides some best simulation practices to assist in their design.

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