ANSYS Elite Channel Partner Program

ANSYS Elite Channel Partners are selected from the ANSYS Channel Partners pool by considering customer satisfaction ratings, depth of staff certification in both technical and sales ranks, business growth, and overall sales volume.

ANSYS Elite Channel Program

ANSYS Channel Partners

ANSYS Channel Partners represent products across multiple classes of physics and the related training and consulting services associated with those products. These organizations undergo staff certification in both technical and sales areas, conduct annual business planning and reporting along multiple dimensions, and provide valuable feedback on the product portfolio and customer engagement to ANSYS.

Channel Partners

ANSYS Specialty Solution Channel Partners

ANSYS Specialty Solution Channel Partners address products and associated services for a single class of physics or niche application area. Although these partners do not represent multiphysics solutions, technical and sales certifications are pursued for the products and related services being carried by the partner.

Solution Channel Partner
Benefit ANSYS ELITE Channel Partner ANSYS Channel Partner ANSYS Specialty Solution Channel Partner
Multiphysics portfolio representation Check    
Access to certification program Check Check Check
Premier technical support Check    
Product demonstration, support and training licenses Check Check Check
Strategic sales initiative incentives Check    
Deal registration discounts Check Check Check
Leads Check    
Marketing programs Check Check Check
Use of ANSYS Logo for events Check Check Check