Tecplot, Inc.

Scott Rumage
Third-Party Developers Program
PO Box 52708
Bellevue, WA


Tecplot from Tecplot, Inc. founded in 1981, is a powerful plotting and data visualization software program developed specifically for engineers who need a full range of capabilities from graphing and plotting to 3-D scientific visualization and publication-quality output.

Tecplot allows you to:

  • Transform your data into stunning 2-D and 3-D plots, images, and animations.
  • Create and combine multiple sets of x-y, contours, vector, surface, and scatter plots.
  • Make your plots the way you want for more impressive technical papers, reports, proposals, and Web sites.
  • Analyze your data visually with a complete interactive GUI.
  • Discover and understand anomalies and hidden phenomena in your data.
  • Increase your productivity and your group's productivity with Web-centric features and Windows/Mac/Unix/Linux functionality.

Tecplot, Inc. offers development services for customizing Tecplot to specific user requirements. Tecplot offers ANSYS FLUENT users an alternative to its built-in graphics capabilities such as easy positioning of multiple overlapping/overlaying plots on the same page, creating multiple axes, overlaying multiple families of contour lines, data transformation capabilities for reducing your data to presentation form, and exceptionally high-quality PostScript and WMF output formats.