Simpleware develops world-leading mesh generation software which converts 3D scan data (e.g. as obtained from MRI, CT, Micro-CT, etc.) into high quality Finite Element and CFD models. Our Software is being used by engineers in a variety of research fields, including: Biomechanics, Materials Research, Industrial Reverse Engineering, etc.

Simpleware's ScanFE software generates volume and/or surface meshes, contact surfaces and material properties from segmented scan data. These high quality meshes can be directly imported into software from ANSYS, as well as a range of other commercial FE and CFD packages.

Key features/benefits:

  • Produce models of excellent quality in a fraction of the time taken with other approaches
  • Export meshes directly to ANSYS and FLUENT
  • Mesh multiple structures and define contact surfaces between them
  • Assign continuous material properties throughout a mesh
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Backed by full technical support from experienced engineers

ANSYS and ANSYS FLUENT case studies:

Simpleware Simpleware
Biomechanics Implant Design
Materials Research SandFlow