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Greg Thorwald
Senior Consulting Engineer 
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FEACrack and FEAFlaw are analysis programs with automatic mesh generation to create ready-to-run ANSYS input files. Results are obtained from the ANSYS .rst binary file.

FEACrack creates 3D crack meshes quickly and easily. Select a component from the geometry library, enter the relevant dimensions, and a complete mesh is automatically generated. For more complicated models, the user-defined geometry allows crack meshes to be created in an arbitrary six-sided volume. The ANSYS results are used to compute the J-integral and stress intensity K at all crack front nodes. The fatigue analysis module uses a re-meshing method to update the crack front for each analysis increment.

FEAFlaw creates meshes for piping and pressure vessel components, and can include local thin areas (LTA) to model volumetric flaws in the structure. The structural geometry library includes shells, heads, nozzles, flanges, and elbows. The analysis examines the effect of local metal loss near structural features.

FEACrack     FEAFlaw