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Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) is the world's foremost provider of Advanced Process Modeling (APM) software and Model-Based Innovation (MBI) services to the process industries.

PSE's gPROMS APM software is used for high-accuracy mathematical modeling of process equipment and phenomena, in order to provide high-quality information for decision support and risk management in process innovation, design and operation. Based on state-of-the-art modeling concepts and employing the most advanced symbolic/numerical solution techniques, software supports multi-scale modeling, from a single particle of catalyst to full-scale process equipment units, all the way to entire plants.

PSE customers use PSE's technology and services to accelerate innovation, improve designs of processes and products, enhance existing operations, and optimize R&D and experimental programs. Results are achieved with relatively low investment compared to alternative approaches (where these exist), and with rapid return.

PSE, working with ANSYS, Inc. in many cases, has pioneered hybrid APM-CFD (also known as "co-simulation") approaches that combine the best of CFD and process modeling. These are embodied in a set of software interfaces that are straightforward to use and require no programming whatsoever. The approaches are applied in areas where both detailed fluid flow and complex chemical phenomena need to be taken into account simultaneously, in complex processes such as reactors, crystallizers or fuel cells. Hybrid modeling is a key technology in PSE's Model-Based Innovation service, which is helping to revolutionize the design of such processes.

An example is in the modeling of multitubular reactors, where ANSYS FLUENT is used for detailed shell-side temperature and hydraulic modeling, and gPROMS for detailed modeling of the catalytic reactions in the tubes. Proprietary PSE techniques enable this complex calculation (which could otherwise involve several tens of millions of equations) to be solved rapidly while generating highly accurate predictive information for the internal reactor operation. This has allowed customers to, for example, design innovative reactor configurations or to develop their own reactor technology.

Similarly, hybrid multizonal/CFD approaches enable accurate, detailed predictive steady-state and dynamic modeling of crystallizers and polymerization reactors, facilitating scale-up and troubleshooting of these units. Such hybrid models achieve an unprecedented degree of accuracy, for example describing the entire crystal size distribution of one or more solids in crystallization equipment, or the combined molecular weight and particle size distributions in polymerization. All hybrid APM/CFD applications are underpinned by gPROMS' powerful capabilities for the estimation of kinetic and other parameters from experimental data.

PSE has a growing, global customer base that encompasses the world's largest and most innovative process manufacturing and automation companies in the chemical, petrochemical, upstream oil, refining, food & beverage, consumer products, pharmaceutical and energy sectors. Customers are served by a growing network of offices in major markets worldwide. PSE is committed to remaining at the forefront of its field and actively develops and applies new modeling technologies.

Harnessing the best of both solutions using hybrid modeling