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Phil Belnap
Director of Sales
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Sculptor has been the industry standard for numerical model deformation technology for over a decade.  Using our proprietary Arbitrary Shape Deformation (ASD) technology the user can quickly and easily explore their design space.  Using Sculptor’s embedded tools to create ASD volumes and then grouping control points into design variables gives the engineer the ability to control the deformations manually or in an automated optimization process to improve design performance.

Linking Sculptor to the ANSYS Workbench environment is easy and straight forward creating a seamless link between solver, Sculptor, and optimizer to achieve extraordinary results.  This process cuts the design exploration process dramatically and supplies the analysis team additional valuable data to make critical decisions.

Sculptor brings power, efficiency, and speed to help the design team find those subtle shape changes that create dramatic improvements in performance.  Contact us today for more information about Sculptor’s place in your design process.