Intercept Technology Inc.

Abby Monaco
Product Manager 


Intercept Technology Inc. is the leading supplier of technology independent PCB, Hybrid, and RF design and layout software. Intercept offers a full suite of software solutions that includes Pantheon PCB/Hybrid/RF layout design, Mozaix schematic design, Indx library management, Xtent high speed constraint manager, and 35+ translators and interfaces that facilitate full environment migration and the completion of RF, Hybrid, High Speed, SiP, Analog, Digital, and Mixed-Signal designs. From schematic, to library, to layout and verification, to manufacture, Intercept offers a complete environment solution.

Pantheon PCB/Hybrid/RF Layout
Pantheon is the next level for PCB/Hybrid/RF design engineering. As a complete design system, Pantheon offers a powerful solution for geometry generation, component placement and routing, area fill, testpoints, split power planes, RF and hybrid design, and artwork creation/verification. Among its 30+ translators and interfaces, Pantheon offers a bidirectional interface to Ansoft's HFSS and PCB Thermal software applications. With the integration of multiple applications' abilities into one highly functional application, Pantheon increases productivity to previously unreachable goals, while keeping design time and cost to a minimum.

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