Gamma Technologies, Inc.

John Silvestri
Principal Engineer 
Phone: 630.325.5848


Gamma Technologies Inc. (GTI) is a leading supplier of CAE software to the engine and powertrain automotive industry. GTI is the developer of GT-SUITE, an integrated set of simulations for engine, powertrain, and vehicle simulation from the same user interface easily exchanging data from one to another. GT-Suite consists of the following components:

  • GT-Power: Market leading engine simulation, capable of predicting manifold dynamics, combustion, emissions, acoustics and control strategies
  • GT-Drive: Powertrain and vehicle simulation used for analysis of driving cycles and driveline component dynamics
  • GT-Vtrain: Valvetrain kinematics, dynamics and tribology
  • GT-Fuel: Injection system pressure and flow dynamics
  • GT-Cool: Engine heat management and cooling system analysis
  • GT-Cam: Interactive cam design tool

The linkage between GT-Power and ANSYS FLUENT provides the user with an accurate and dynamically varying boundary condition for transient CFD analyses. This dynamic link results in a truly coupled simulation of the 1-D system with the 3-D component of interest, providing the user with a detailed CFD analysis all within a complete system model analysis.