Flowmaster Ltd.

The Maltings, Pury Hill
Alderton Road
NN12 7 TB


The Flowmaster Group develops and supports the leading 1D fluid system design tool - Flowmaster.

With offices located all around the world Flowmaster customers receive first class support by knowledgeable and experienced engineers. For over 15 years engineers from across the automotive, aerospace, power generation, water and shipbuilding industries have relied on Flowmaster to give them accurate and fast results to their fluid system design challenges.

Flowmaster's partnership with ANSYS, Inc. means that together we can support our common customers to implement an integrated approach to CFD in their design processes. Through co-simulation between Flowmaster and ANSYS FLUENT our customers are able to determine the effects of component modifications on the fluid system it resides in and vice versa. By coupling Flowmaster with ANSYS FLUENT companies achieve more realistic simulation results as a consequence of more accurate boundary conditions. The advantages of a coupled Flowmaster-ANSYS FLUENT analysis are faster results with one run, better results from ANSYS FLUENT and Flowmaster2 calculations, better heat transfer coefficients for the FEM-calculation, and the ability to handle components that are previously difficult to simulate.