Jin-Keun Choi
Principal Research Scientist
10621-J Iron Bridge Road
Jessup, MD 20794
Phone: 301.604.3688
Fax: 301.604.3689


DYNAFLOW, INC. founded in 1988 has established a reputation for quality R&D and testing work for Government agencies and industry, which includes contracts on hydrodynamics, cavitation, bubble dynamics, underwater explosion, liquid remediation, material testing, CFD research and software development , consulting, and instruments development.

The DF_MULTI_SAP® product is an advanced multi-bubble dynamics code for Lagrangian tracking of a distribution of nuclei in a CFD computed or measured flow field. The code uses a spherical bubble dynamics model (Rayleigh-Plesset equation) improved with a Surface-Averaged Pressure (SAP) scheme which incorporates knowledge of non-spherical effects acquired from studying bubble dynamics in complex vortical flow fields using DYNAFLOW 's three-dimensional code, 3DYNAFS©. DF_MULTI_SAP® has been coupled to ANSYS FLUENT as an add-on package, which is suitable for studying bubble cavitation inception and bubble entrainment. Industrial applications include cavitating and bubbly flows, cavitation inception, and cavitation noise in turbo-machinery, marine propellers, bubble plumes, and pipe flows, etc.