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DEM Solutions is the global leader in discrete element modeling software solutions for particle flow simulation. The company's flagship product EDEM is used to optimize equipment design and operating conditions in particulate handling and manufacturing processes. EDEM is based on advanced DEM (Discrete Element Method) technology. It simulates and analyses the behavior of individual particles and provides a platform for integrating particle, fluid and machine dynamics. EDEM is being deployed in a wide range of industries including mining and mineral processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacture and agriculture. In partnership with ANSYS, Inc., DEM Solutions have developed a coupling between EDEM and ANSYS FLUENT to provide a unique capability to model particle-fluid flows at the particle-scale.

DEM Solutions' consultancy team, which has over 10 years' experience in particle flow simulation, works with customers to solve design and production problems by simulating and analyzing the processes at the particle scale. They are partnering with ANSYS, Inc. to support the particle-fluid flow modeling solution through joint-consulting and product development.

DEM Solutions work closely with ANSYS, Inc. to understand customer needs in the area of particulate systems. Their modeling solution complements the ANSYS FLUENT solid-fluid phase capability by adding discrete particle effects to the continuum model. Users can deploy EDEM directly to model solid phase alone or in co-simulation with ANSYS FLUENT to model solid-fluid phase systems. The coupling provides full access to EDEM functionality through the ANSYS FLUENT GUI which enables modeling of particle properties such as shape, mechanical compliance and interaction forces such as cohesion, van der Waals to capture the influence of particle-scale effects on both particle and fluid dynamics.

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