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Chris Timbrell
Principal Engineer
Phone: +44 1252 376388


Zencrack is an advanced engineering analysis tool, developed by Zentech International Limited, for 3D fracture mechanics assessment and crack growth simulation. The program uses finite element analysis to allow calculation of fracture mechanics parameters such as energy release rate and stress intensity factors. This is achieved by automatic generation of focused cracked meshes from uncracked finite element models. A mixed-mode capability allows non-planar crack growth prediction for fatigue and time-dependent load conditions via automated adaptive meshing techniques.

Rather than using a proprietary finite element solution, the Zencrack interface to ANSYS allows users to take advantage of the many man-years of development within ANSYS. For example non-linear features such as contact may be included in an analysis.

Zencrack can be applied in any industry and application in which knowledge of crack behavior, crack growth prediction or residual life calculations are important.

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