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Jorgen Bergstrom


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Veryst Engineering, LLC provides premium engineering services and consulting at the interface of technology and manufacturing. Our services and software products are based on technical fundamentals - employing grounded knowledge of mechanics, physics, and manufacturing to produce practical, useful results.

Veryst Engineering offers the PolyUMod™ library of user-material models for ANSYS finite element modeling of polymers and biomaterials. The PolyUMod library contains general purpose material models that can accurately predict the non-linear response of virtually all polymer systems, including thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, foams, filled plastics, and biomaterials. 

Veryst Engineering also offers the MCalibration™ parameter extraction software, which makes it easy to calibrate the material models based on available material data. This calibration software allows the user to analyze a set of experimental data files in order to determine the optimal model parameters.


Advanced Material Models for Finite Element Modeling of Engineering Polymers and Biomaterials