VCollab (Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.)

Prasad Mandava
Vice President
100 West Big Beaver Road, #200
Troy, MI 48084, U.S.A.
Phone: 248.835.6880
Fax: 248.498.6003


VCollab solution is specifically designed to work with massive CAE file sizes. VCollab solutions compress the CAE results files to ultra compact (up to 98% reduction) sizes for easier sharing and provide a light weight viewer to view and process results with superior graphics. Using VCollab solutions, ANSYS users can e-mail, the required results in compressed format, to designers/managers/suppliers or embed the results in a Power Point slide for interactive 3D presentations/design reviews or embed the ANSYS results into a Web browser for easier sharing with remote teams. VCollab also offers translators to convert massive results files from ANSYS, MSC.NASTRAN, ABAQUS, LS DYNA, or ANSYS FLUENT into a common light weight format for visual collaboration.

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