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VMAP is the product of TechPassion and is a software for performing experimental vibration testing. VMAP is also used to perform correlation of experimental and finite element analysis based vibration analysis. VMAP provides an interface to ANSYS so that FEA models can be imported into VMAP for analysis. Also, the results from VMAP can be exported to ANSYS. This interoperability provides a powerful tool to reduce the design cycle time spent on simulation and prototype testing. VMAP along with ANSYS can be used to conduct modal analysis. VMAP can be used for hammer, shaker testing and operational modal analysis. Experimentally measured parameters (example: damping ) can be used in ANSYS simulation for transient analysis and fatigue life estimation to get more accurate simulation predictions. VMAP and ANSYS can be used for designing components in automotive, aerospace, energy, heavy equipment and several other industries.