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Red Cedar Technology helps companies discover better designs, faster. Our optimization software and services assist our clients in producing innovative solutions, reducing product development time and risks, and meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Product teams worldwide use our expertise to design safer cars, engineer life-saving biomedical devices, and develop innovative structures for air travel and space exploration, among other groundbreaking applications.

New Optimization Principles
Our view of optimization is free of the constraints imposed by previous technology, because it is based on a new set of optimization principles that allow a more natural flow of thought and effort. Our HEEDS optimization software is built around these principles, making it simpler to use than other tools, with fewer steps and complicated decisions involved.

HEEDS® MDO automates the multi-disciplinary design optimization (MDO) process. With revolutionary search strategies available in HEEDS, you can uncover new design concepts that improve products and significantly reduce development costs. Even engineers with very little optimization experience can use HEEDS MDO to discover optimal designs — in a fraction of the time it would take to perform even a handful of manual iterations.

HEEDS MDO integrates well with all popular CAE applications to automate and expedite design optimization, and it features direct input and output portals for ANSYS Workbench.

HEEDS MDO's default search method, SHERPA, uses multiple search strategies simultaneously, and it dynamically adapts to the problem as it learns about the design space. SHERPA requires fewer evaluations than other methods and is effective for broad classes of problems.

You can perform four different study types with HEEDS MDO: Design Optimization, Design of Experiments, Process Automation, and Reliability.