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Verly Flores 
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San Diego, CA
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Reaction Design helps transportation manufacturers and energy companies rapidly achieve their clean technology goals by automating the analysis of chemical processes via simulation and modeling solutions. Reaction Design's products use detailed chemical kinetics in reacting-flow simulations to achieve maximum performance and emissions control.

Reaction Design is the exclusive developer and distributor of CHEMKIN, the de facto standard for modeling gas-phase and surface chemistry, which provides ultra-fast access to reliable answers that save time and money in your development process. Reaction Design also brings rigorous chemistry to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with the CHEMKIN-CFD software package, extending the accuracy and applicability of CFD programs.

Based on CHEMKIN, the CHEMKIN-CFDT Module allows incorporation of detailed gas-phase and surface chemistry into ANSYS FLUENT software using stiff-chemistry solution methods for both transient and steady-state problems. CHEMKIN-CFD is ideal for closely coupled CFD simulations of detailed gas-phase and gas-surface chemistry in multidimensional, chemically reacting flows.