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 Brent Edmonds
Director, Channel Business Development
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Mathcad®, the world's most widely used engineering calculation software, enables engineering and product development teams to solve and document engineering calculations. Mathcad combines a powerful computational engine, a full-featured word processor and graphing tools into a single environment designed for problem solving, productivity and presentation of engineering calculation solutions. Mathcad's "whiteboard" interface uses real math notation so calculations look and behave just like the formulas in engineering reference books. Mathcad calculations are easy to create, understand, audit, share, and troubleshoot. Mathcad delivers faster product development, higher product quality, easier compliance, and preservation of intellectual property.

The Mathcad-ANSYS integration allows Mathcad to act as a "plug-in" within Workbench to manage parameters. Engineers can automatically exchange data and calculated values between Mathcad and the ANSYS Finite Element Analysis modeling solution , supporting dynamic , live updates to calculations.

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