Peter Verschueren
Business developer CAE
Phone: +32 16 396 672


Materialise NV was founded in 1990 as a joint venture with the University of Leuven, Belgium. Since its creation the company has experienced an exponential growth. They offer a broad range of advanced rapid prototyping, manufacturing and digital CAD software. The company is privately owned with several subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the USA and has the largest software development team in the RP sector.

3-matic is one of the latest innovative products of Materialise. It implements so-called 'digital' CAD, a short-hand for CAD-operations working directly on triangle files. 3-matic thus allows direct transformation of scanned data into a file ready for FEA/CFD or rapid prototyping/manufacturing. Likewise, it allows for realizing design (changes) and remeshing directly on mesh files. Materialise has developed a custom 3-matic version: a batch geometry preconditioning module, called 3-matic-for-FLUENT. This batch module provides a fully automatic mechanism to convert hundreds of files from mixed geometry sources into a consistent, clean and optimal format for TGrid's wrapping technology.

In addition, with Mimics software Materialise is a major player in the biomedical industry. Their customer base includes a virtual "who's who" in the implant design and manufacturing industry, as well as prominent universities around the world. Mimics is a fully integrated 3D image processing and editing software based on scanner data. It enables you to link from scanned images to FEA/CFD by exporting the files in the appropriate file format, including the ANSYS Fluent file format.

3-matic Brochure