Nils Steika
Senior Engineer 
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MatWeb® is a leading provider of online technical material data. MatWeb has partnered with ANSYS to provide seamless access to material property data from within ANSYS® WorkbenchT. Increased material property data will allow ANSYS users to more accurately simulate material behavior early in the design process, ultimately saving on material costs of physical prototypes.

ANSYS users can import material properties from a growing collection of more than 68,000 material data sheets from MatWeb, including various metals, plastics and ceramics. These data sheets include precise descriptions of material properties, the majority of which originate from testing by the manufacturers.

Users can create and export libraries of 20 materials at a time in ANSYS format from MatWeb. The appropriate property values in the correct units are automatically added to a XML file with ease and accuracy. MatWeb also provides extensive online material tools including a unit converter, weight and inertia calculator and hardness converter.