Intelligent Light
301 Route 17 North, 7 th Floor
Rutherford, NJ
Phone: 201.460.4700
Toll Free: 800.887.8500


Since 1984, Intelligent Light has been a leader in providing advanced visualization products and services to the engineering community. Our flagship product, FIELDVIEW, is in use worldwide in aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, turbomachinery, and many other industries where CFD is mission critical. FIELDVIEW, an advanced, easy-to-use post-processor designed specifically for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), lets you input data from any CFD data source, analyze critical areas in your data volume interactively, and make high-impact presentations and animations. You can export from ANSYS FLUENT to the FIELDVIEW format. FIELDVIEW is available for UNIX and Windows platforms.

With over 1,000 licenses sold and a reputation that combines advanced features, ease of use, and reliability, FIELDVIEW is a popular standalone CFD post-processor. FIELDVIEW's development is backed by research collaboration with NASA and many of the world's top CFD authorities to ensure that FIELDVIEW meets or exceeds the needs of the CFD community.