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HBM-nCode is a leading developer of fatigue analysis software for both test data applications and FEA fatigue analysis. nCode DesignLife™ software delivers fatigue life predictions from finite element results, allowing engineers to answer the question "how long will it last?", helping to avoid iterative physical testing and speeding up the development process.

nCode DesignLife combines advanced CAE analysis and signal processing tools within a simple-to-use graphical workflow environment. In addition to the general stress-life and strain-life approaches, DesignLife provides established methods for both spot and seam weld analysis and vibration shaker tests can be directly simulated in the frequency domain. DesignLife efficiently analyzes large finite element models and complete usage schedules. It is highly configurable for the expert user including support for Python scripting to enable new or proprietary fatigue methods.

All of the capabilities in nCode DesignLife are available within the ANSYS® Workbench™ 14 environment through the ANSYS nCode DesignLife product offering [link to product page on ANSYS.com]. Results and materials data from simulations within Workbench can be directly accessed by DesignLife. This provides an unparalleled combination of ease of use and powerful fatigue analysis for ANSYS users.