Firehole Technologies

Jerad Stack
Chief Executive Officer
210 South 3rd Street, Suite 202
Laramie, WY 82070
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Firehole Composites provides innovative software tools and engineering services designed to significantly improve structural design and analysis with composite materials. Their mission is to help engineers create lighter, stronger, safer and more efficient composite designs through superior analysis capability.  Firehole’s team of engineers has extensive study and experience in analysis of composite materials and is well-skilled in software development.

Built as a User Programmable Feature for ANSYS Mechanical, Helius:MCT offers advanced capabilities for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of composite materials.  Developed specifically for composite materials, its distinctive technology replaces traditional, generalized analysis methods with a multiscale approach that is both accurate and efficient.

Improved Accuracy

Helius:MCT is based on Multicontinuum Technology (MCT) – a unique method which  decomposes stress and strain fields of a composite material into stress and strain fields of the fiber and matrix constituents, giving analysts insight into the multiscale response of the material.  In doing so, it provides improved accuracy for determining damage initiation and predicting damage propagation in composite materials.

Built for Efficiency

Computational efficiency is inherent in the MCT method in that only a small number of equations is added to the computation requirements for a single integration point. In addition, Helius:MCT has built-in convergence enhancements formulated specifically for composite materials that work with the FEA solver to provide a robust solution process and significantly reduce simulation run-time.  This is achieved using the patent pending Intelligent Discrete Softening (IDS) method.

Architected for Easy Adoption

Helius:MCT integrates seamlessly with ANSYS Mechanical through a convenient graphical user interface (GUI).  It uses industry standard composite material data, eliminating the need for expensive and difficult to obtain material characterization.  In short order, Helius:MCT can be producing improved composite structural analysis with a quick and easy conversion of legacy ANSYS models.