Dynamic Design Solutions

Eddy Dascotte
General Manager
Phone: +32 16 40 23 00


Dynamic Design Solutions, with headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, is an independent and privately owned developer of CAE software tools for validating simulation models, optimizing engineering designs and integrating and automating simulation processes.

Dynamic Design Solutions provides solutions that help FEA and test engineers to improve the fidelity of FE models, identify structural properties, assess uncertainty of variables and incorporate variability into models. These validated and updated models can then be used with more confidence to improve product performance under real world conditions. These solutions serve a wide spectrum of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, manufacturing, power, sports and education.

The company's flagship product is FEMtools, a multi-functional, cross-platform and solver-independent family of CAE software programs providing analysis and scripting solutions for many different applications in the areas of FE pre- and post-processing, structural dynamics simulation, pretest analysis, test-analysis correlation, model updating, uncertainty analysis, design improvement, CAE process integration and simulation data management.

The FEMtools interface with software from ANSYS imports and exports FEM data (CDB files), and imports results files (EMAT, RST).

The FEMtools driver for ANSYS automates re-analysis of updated or optimized ANSYS models.