Markku Palantera
General Manager 
Phone: 358 9 4343 1550
Fax: 358 9 4342 1551


Componeering Inc. specializes in CAE software solutions for composite structures. ESAComp by Componeering is software for analysis and design of layered composite and sandwich structures. It addresses the conceptual and preliminary design phases of composite products and has facilities for efficient handling of composite material data and advanced capabilities for specific topics such as stochastics. For FE modeling, the export interface to ANSYS guarantees smooth and error-free data transfer. For post processing of FEA results, ComPoLyX software developed by a partner company, EVEN AG, offers composite failure analyses with advanced failure criteria, intuitive ways for presenting result data and excellent performance for handling of large models. Design optimization of composite structures can be tackled with a solution comprising ESAComp with modeFRONTIER optimization package. The users of ESAComp-ComPoLyX software suite range from Formula 1 racing teams and the aerospace industry to practically all fields of engineering where composites are used.

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