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EnSight software supports the ANSYS FEA format directly with an included ANSYS reader accessed by choosing the binary .rst, .rth, .rmq, .rfl files format in EnSight's data reader dialog. Read more about EnSight and ANSYS on the ANSYS partner web site. We also offer a FLUENT solver page for those of you interested in this CFD product from ANSYS.

"Software from ANSYS and EnSight scale very well on huge problems that are typical of the markets we serve," says Marcus Reis of Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software (ESSS), a leading distributor of software from ANSYS and CEI software that provides simulation and visualization solutions for companies such as General Motors, Petrobras, Embraer, Embraco (Whirlpool), Electrolux and others. "Our customers have very demanding applications that require them to be able to quickly and easily visualize multiple results files with extensive transient analysis from ANSYS CFX and other software."

ANSYS FLUENT data can be read into EnSight in a number of ways: Using ANSYS FLUENT you have the ability to write out EnSight case file format. You can also use the reader inside EnSight to read the .dat and .case files directly. As of January 2008 we now offer a new ANSYS FLUENT direct data reader, which improves the speed, robustness, and capability of the reader. Whatever way you choose to use ANSYS FLUENT and EnSight, you know you will end up with a dynamic, powerful method to analyze, communicate and visualize your ANSYS FLUENT results.

"EnSight allows us to be very precise for the phenomena we want to visualize," says Alexis Lapouille of Aero Concept Engineering (ACE). "If you have phenomena at X=1m on a calculation, for example, ANSYS FLUENT requires you to know where the phenomena is to generate the plane for visualization. With EnSight, you generate an X plane and then simply move it until you find the phenomena. Similarly, the vortex core feature allows you to find the vortex structure in very little time."


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Shown here are salt-water volume fraction contours in a full-scale ballast water tank with internal structure. The initial fresh water in the tank is shown in red, while incoming salt water is in blue. Dataset solved with software from ANSYS, visualized using EnSight.