FSAE and Competition team based programs:

ANSYS is proud to be an official sponsor of FSAE team based programs and provides ANSYS software to teams in FSAE, Solar Car, SAE Aero, SAE Mini Baja and the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. 

Within these activities, students use simulation technology to virtually prototype — then build and test — many aspects of different types of vehicles. Whether it be small formula-style racing cars, Solar powered vehicles, Aircraft, and or off-road motorcross vehicles. Each type of vehicle poses a new opportunity for how ANSYS software is utilized.  Because of restrictions related to the car frame, suspension and engines, competition is fierce — and a large percentage of the winning teams employ ANSYS tools.

Students are challenged to seek out the absolute best performance from their vehicles. Teams build their cars over a period of about one year; annual national and international competitions pit teams against each other in a range of areas, from design to car performance to budgeting to marketing.