Awards and Recognition

FORTUNE Global 500

ANSYS products are used around the world by 96 of the top 100 industrial companies on the current FORTUNE Global 500 list.


ANSYS products are used by 16 of the top 20 most innovative companies in the world today, according to a 2008 BusinessWeek report prepared by The Boston Consulting Group.

  • Investor's Business Daily SmartSelect Composite Ratings – 2011

  • The ranking considers many factors, including earnings per share, relative price strength, sales and profit growth and return on equity. ANSYS ranked as one of only six technology businesses worldwide to receive the highest possible score, placing it among the top 1 percent of all stocks reviewed by the publication.

FORTUNE Fastest-Growing Companies – 2010, 2009

"Corporate America’s supercharged performers" list includes profitable, publicly traded companies with at least $50 million in annual revenue and a market capitalization of at least $250 million. Companies on the list must also have posted yearly revenue and earnings per share growth of at least 20 percent.

CRO 100 Best Corporate Citizens – 2009

The CRO (Corporate Responsibility Officer) annually ranks Russell 1000 companies using publicly available data. The list considers financial, employee relations, governance, philanthropy, human rights, environment and climate change issues.

CIOZone – 2007

ANSYS has been ranked on the CIOZone list of 40 Fastest-Growing Big Software Vendors, part of the Surging 60 compilation. The list is based on revenue and profit of publicly held software companies in the United States.

Shareholder Performance Index(sm) – 2009, 2010

Oliver Wyman, an international management consulting firm, ranked ANSYS among the top 450 publicly quoted companies worldwide in the communications, media and technology sectors.

Forbes Fast 15 – 2008, 2007

The Forbes Fast 15 list is a formal compilation by Forbes magazine of attractive companies with the potential to become rapidly growing technology businesses in the future. To compile the list, researchers at Forbes scoured analyst reports and other news sources to identify strong performers among public U.S. companies in the technology sector.

The Wall Street Journal Shareholder Scoreboard – 2007

ANSYS, Inc. was listed among top performers on the 2007 Shareholder Scoreboard compiled by The Wall Street Journal. The Scoreboard is the newspaper’s annual ranking of 1,000 companies in 75 industries, based on their stock performance over the past year as well as over the past three-year, five-year and 10-year periods.

Baseline 40 Fastest Growing Software Companies – 2007

Baseline magazine named ANSYS to its list of U.S. top research and development (R&D) spenders in the IT industry. The Baseline report ranked IT companies based on the dollar amount spent.

Sustained Success Honor Roll™ – 2006, 2005, 2004

ANSYS, Inc. was named to the software industry Sustained Success Honor Roll™, culled from a list of more than 500 public software companies compiled annually by Cape Horn Strategies. Companies included in the list have an outstanding record of growing profitability for the past five consecutive years or more.

Pittsburgh Tech 50 – 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999

This annual recognition event is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Technology Council to celebrate the achievements of tech sector companies in the 13-county area of Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Tech 50 is selected from thousands of public and private technology-oriented companies and is comprised of companies that demonstrated the strongest financial growth over a three-year period. ANSYS, Inc. was recognized as a top performer in the information technology category.

Forbes 200 Best Small Companies – 2012, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000

ANSYS, Inc. has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the "200 Best Small Companies." To acquire a spot on the annual list, companies must clear a series of exacting hurdles, including five-year sales and earnings-per share (EPS) growth rates of at least five percent and net income of more than $1 million during the past four quarters.

Software Magazine's Software 500 – 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

ANSYS, Inc. has been included on the software 500 ranking of the world's largest software and service providers. The list compiled by King Content Co., is a quick reference of vendor viability.

Software Top 100 – 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

ANSYS, Inc. has been named to the Software Top 100™, the leading and independent online overview of the world’s largest software companies. Companies are ranked according to their revenues coming from “prepackaged'” software sales. The list is compiled by the Netherlands-based Top 100 Research Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation solely dedicated to researching and publishing information about the software industry.

Business 2.0 100 – 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002

Further strengthening its reputation as a solid company, ANSYS, Inc. was named to Business 2.0 magazine's annual B2 100, a list of the fastest-growing technology companies. The list, compiled by Zacks Investment Research, included a review of 2,000 publicly traded companies.

FORTUNE Small Business Fastest-Growing List – 2006, 2005, 2004

ANSYS, Inc. has appeared on FORTUNE Small Business magazines, "Fastest Growing" List. To compile the list, FORTUNE Small Business asked financial research firm Zacks to screen annual reports for public companies with annual revenue of less than $200 million and a stock price of more than $1. Within that group, companies were ranked based on earnings growth, revenue growth and stock performance over the past three years.

BusinessWeek 100 Best Small Hot Growth Companies – 2004, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1999

ANSYS, Inc. has earned recognition as one of BusinessWeek magazine's Hot Growth Companies. BusinessWeek annually evaluates organizations based on sales growth, earnings growth and return on invested capital.

Cadence Magazine – Editors Choice Award – 2001

ANSYS, Inc. received CADENCE Magazine’s Editors Choice award for its DesignSpace simulation software package. In the final installment of two Editors' Choice rounds for 2001, CADENCE staff editors, contributing editors and columnists select key products that helped raise the bar for excellence in computer-aided design and related fields.

Nicholson Award – Best Annual Report in Industry – 2004, 2001

ANSYS, Inc.'s annual report was chosen by the National Association of Investors Corporation as Best in Industry of Computer Software & Services companies for the Nicholson Awards competition.

Patent Awarded

On March 8, 2000, ANSYS, Inc. was awarded a patent for its Web-based engineering data reporting and collaboration technology by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent protects technology for automatically generating reports from engineering data representing attributes of physical objects, created by the use of computer-aided design (CAD) or engineering (CAE) software.


Russell 1000 Index

Effective June 30, 2008, ANSYS was added to the Russell 1000 Index. Membership is determined by market cap and current index membership.

The Russell 1000 represents approximately 92 percent of the United States equities market. It is constructed to provide a comprehensive and unbiased barometer for the large-cap segment and is completely reconstituted annually to ensure new and growing equities are reflected.

Standard & Poor’s MidCap 400

ANSYS is part of Standard & Poor’s MidCap 400, a market capitalization-weighted benchmark index made up of 400 securities with market values between $200 million and $5 billion.

Standard & Poor’s Global Challengers List – 2007

ANSYS is part of Standard & Poor’s prestigious annual Global Challengers List™, a roster of mid-sized companies that show the "highest growth characteristics." The list designates mid-size companies that show the highest growth characteristics along dimensions encompassing intrinsic and extrinsic growth, which are expected to emerge as challengers to the world’s leading companies.

Cleantech Index

ANSYS is part of The Cleantech Group’s Cleantech Index, which is the first stock market index to reflect the surging global demand for clean technology products and services.

Chicago Board Options Exchange

ANSYS, Inc. was selected in December 2001 for listing on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Options can greatly reduce the risk inherent in stock ownership during periods of economic uncertainty. Because options are a risk transference vehicle, they tend to reduce the volatility of the underlying stock price. Moreover, every study of the options market has concluded that options add to the capital formation process so important to major corporations. Money managers, banks, insurance companies and other institutions actively seek companies with listed options as part of their portfolio activity. In fact, it is widely accepted that options trading enhances the liquidity of the underlying stocks.

Individual Investor Group: America's Fastest Growing Company – 2001

In 2001, ANSYS, Inc. was selected as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies by Individual Investor Group Inc., publisher of Individual Investor magazine and The America's Fastest Growing Companies Index (AMEX: NDI) is the first real barometer of America's own emerging market of fast-growing small-cap stocks. Companies are selected with market values between $100 million and $2 billion that have shown at least 50% earnings-per-share growth in their most recent quarters.

Gene Walden: 100 Best Stocks to Own Under $20 and $25 – 2001, 1999

For ten years, hundreds of thousands of investors have turned to Gene Walden to help them find the stocks best poised for superior long-term growth. In 1999, ANSYS, Inc. was included in Walden's first edition of The 100 Best Stock to Own for under $20, ranking ANSYS, Inc. #81. In 2000, ANSYS, Inc. was included at #72 in the second edition of Walden's The 100 Best Stocks to Own under $25. Walden uses stringent criteria for ranking stocks: earnings growth, stock growth, revenue growth, and consistency.