ANSYS Advantage - Volume II, Issue 3, 2008




The Power of Structural Dynamics Simulation
Analyzing time-varying loads helps develop innovative products with vibration, motion and other real-world behavior in mind.


Faster, Higher, Stronger
Engineering simulation in sports comes of age at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.


No More Dropped Calls
Using true multiphysics incorporating fluid, electrostatic and mechanical effects, engineers are simulating the transient dynamic response of an innovative RF-MEMS switch for improving cell phone signal strength.


Simulation-Based Innovation as a Competitive Advantage
Predictive analysis tools save time and money at Xerox and, more important, enable top-line revenue growth and the competitive advantage that comes from developing winning products.


Picking Up Speed
Speedbike designers use fluid simulation to gain a competitive edge.


Electromagnetics Comes Through in the Clutch
BorgWarner engineers meet a tight deadline in optimizing the design of a revolutionary variable-torque clutch for all-wheel-drive vehicles.


Higher Returns on the Simulation Investment
Optimizing Linux clusters for ANSYS Mechanical software delivers fast turnaround on large problems.


Driven to Simulation
A teenage student helps improve the aerodynamic design of F1 race cars using ANSYS software and Windows high performance computing.


Stretching Your Elastomer Understanding
Accurate nonlinear analysis leads to a better material selection process that enables innovation and faster time to market.


Analyzing Random Vibration Fatigue
Powerful ANSYS Workbench tools help calculate the damage of vibrations that lack straightforward cyclic repetition.


Extracting Solution-Dependent Regions in CFX-Post
Identifying and quantifying regions of reverse flow in the CFX-Post fluids post-processor.


Bio-Inspiring Engineering
Scientists use nature to advance technology.

Engineering Simulation for the Energy Industries

The Global Challenge
As engineers and technologists rally to meet energy and environmental demands, they turn to engineering simulation to solve their most complex problems.

Blending Solar Panels with Roof Profiles
Simulation guides the design of innovative solar panel frames, reducing molding time, material and cost.

Coupling Analyses to Improve Nuclear Safety
Coupled thermal hydraulic and stress analysis of a CANDU feeder pipe helps determine integrity.

Reformers Getting Results
Simulation pushes diesel-powered fuel cells on their way to early markets.

Harnessing Natural Energy
Multiple simulation tools are used as a cost-effective way to design reliable offshore wind turbines.

Predicting Vibrations in High Power Burners
Engineering simulation reduces development time for industrial burners by five months.