ANSYS Advantage - Volume II, Issue 2, 2008




Don't Isolate Engineering Simulation
Leverage the tremendous value of the technology by tightly integrating simulation into your company's product development process.


Simulating Swimwear for Increased Speed
Speedo's new full-body swimsuit takes advantage of simulation technology in pursuit of gold medals and world records.


ANSYS Signs Agreement to Acquire Ansoft
The complementary business combination of ANSYS and Ansoft will create the leading provider of best-in-class simulation capabilities.


Getting the Mast from Virtual Prototyping
Structural simulation tools help optimize main mast weight to increase megayacht sailing performance.


Predicting Charged Particle Trajectories
Simulation helps researchers obtain electromagnetic field solutions for predicting charged particle trajectories in a wide range of industrial, medical and research applications.


Flush with Success
A toilet discharge valve is optimized to reduce household water consumption and maintain performance.


Adapting A High-Speed Train to Winter in Russia
Simulation helps prevent traction problems for rail travel during extreme weather conditions.


Understanding the Dangers of Aneurysms
Simulation is used to validate measured blood flow in cerebral aneurysms.


Fluid Dynamics on the Big Screen
Fluid simulations have come of age in the world of movie-making.


Learning to Work with ANSYS Workbench
Tutorials help novices and experienced users alike understand the ins and outs of this simulation platform.


Simulation-Driven Teaching and Research
Academic products from ANSYS at release 11.0 are helping train future engineers.


Using New Meshing Features in ANSYS Workbench Simulation
Knowing when and how to apply key features of the latest structural meshing tools can result in greater efficiency.


Coupling Momentum and Continuity Increases CFD Robustness
FLUENT technology introduces a pressure-based coupled solver to reduce computation time for low-speed compressible and incompressible flow applications.

Engineering Simulation Products and Technology

Engineering Simulation for the 21st Century
Five key principles guide the development of simulation products and technology at ANSYS.

Putting Engineering Knowledge to Work
New technology enables efficient sharing of rich simulation information and provides enterprise-wide benefits.

Applying Six Sigma to Drive Down Product Defects
Probabilistic design and sensitivity analyses help engineers quickly arrive at near-zero product failures in the face of wide manufacturing variabilities and other uncertainties.

The New Wave of Fluids Technology
Fluid flow simulation software from ANSYS provides a broad range of scalable solutions.

Multibody Dynamics: Rigid, Flexible and Everything in Between
Advances in simulation solutions for machine features accommodate more complex designs.

Nonlinear Simulation Provides More Realistic Results
When parts interact and experience large deflections and extreme conditions, nonlinear technology is required to simulate real-life situations.

High Performance from Multiphysics Coupled Simulation
Engineers use ANSYS Multiphysics to study the mechanical strength and thermal performance of an innovative thermoelectric cooler design.