ANSYS Advantage - Volume I, Issue 4, 2007




The Strategic Value of Multiphysics Simulation
A growing number of innovative products are being developed with technology representing real-world environments in which multiple types of coupled-physics interact.


Multiphysics Makes Spinal Surgery Safer
Piezoresistive sensors designed with the help of coupled-field analysis give physicians real-time feedback on applied loads during corrective spinal surgery.


Predicting Hot Spots Using Multiphysics
Software coupling improves longevity and decreases power loss for electrical transformers.


Tiny Hearts and Lungs Get an Assist
Designers use simulation to improve pediatric circulatory support techniques.


Simulation for Surgical Precision
Modeling of LASIK plume evacuation devices increases accuracy of laser surgery.


Taking the Shakes Out of Construction Trucks
Timoney Technology designs independent suspensions that allow construction vehicles to travel faster on rough terrain without exceeding vibration regulations.


Bending for Braking
Dynamic simulation reduces the cost of automotive brake pedal design and manufacture.


Fuel Injection Gets New Direction
CFD helps analyze fuel-air mixing in modern gasoline engines.


Bridging the Gap
Loading capacity simulation for temporary bridges assists in providing effective disaster relief.


Turning Up the Cool Factor in HVAC Systems
Designers simulate flow through microfin tubes to analyze the effectiveness of heat exchangers.


Keeping the Space Race from Heating Up
Coupled multiphysics simulation saves hundreds of thousands of payload-equivalent dollars per launch for SpaceX.


Nowhere to Go but Up
A student uses simulation to reach new heights in secondary school education.


Making the Perfect Plastic Part
CAE analysis of material properties should be considered for metal-to-plastic replacement applications.


Analyzing Bolt Pretension in the ANSYS Workbench Platform
Convenient features enable pretension to be quickly and easily included in analysis of bolted joints.


Multiphysics Simulation Using Directly Coupled-Field Element Technology
The 22x family of elements allows users to solve coupled-physics problems in one solution pass with a single model.


Flexible Multibody Dynamics
Models of flexible mechanisms incorporate large deformations and rotations, and nonlinear material properties, to provide nonlinear dynamic response.

Engineering Simulation in the Materials Industry

Pushing the Limits of Materiality: The Virtual Prototyping Solution
Materials are continually being improved to address the challenges of the 21st century in a fiercely competitive world.

Shedding Light on Auto Lamp Manufacturing
Simulation saves time and resources in the development of an injection mold.

A New Spin on Cement
Simulation broadens understanding of dynamic separators in cement manufacturing.

Layers of Strength
Simulation helps develop thinner composite materials using natural fibers.

Modeling Dies for Rubber Parts
Computer simulation helps reduce extrusion cost by 50 percent.