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The next generation of supercomputing is here: Windows HPC Server 2008

Visit the site and find out the latest updates regarding Windows® HPC Server 2008 - the next generation of high performance computing (HPC). 
Built on Windows Server® 2008 x64-bit technology, Windows HPC Server 2008 can efficiently scale to thousands of processing cores with out-of-the-box functionality to help improve productivity, and reduce complexity of your HPC environment.   Windows HPC Server 2008 provides a rich and integrated end-user experience that scales from the desktop application to the clusters, and includes a comprehensive set of deployment, administration, and monitoring tools that are easy to deploy, manage, and integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Windows HPC Server 2008 works with other Microsoft products to help increase HPC productivity and improve the overall end-user experience. This includes collaboration through Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server and the Windows® Workflow Foundation, as well as improved management and efficiency by integrating with Microsoft System Center solutions. Through integration with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows HPC Server 2008 allows developers working with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications to harness the power of parallel computing offered by HPC solutions.

Our partners are committed to support Windows HPC Server 2008, and have designed their products to work seamlessly with Windows HPC Server 2008. Users can submit and monitor jobs from within familiar applications without having to learn new or complex user interfaces.   

Microsoft and ANSYS have joined forces to provide an affordable, scalable, and easy-to-implement solution to help exponentially increase both your calculation capability and your productivity.  Read success stories, download the 180-day trial software, and find Windows HPC live and training events, plus live and On Demand Webcasts at

ANSYS Supports Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Certified Program
Check here for a full list of ANSYS compatible software with Microsoft Windows 7:

Microsoft Windows 7 Compatability

The following list of ANSYS related products support Win7
ANSYS Workbench ANSYS Multiphysics


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