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On September 10th, Intel® launched the new Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3 product family offering up to 45 percent greater efficiency and up to 50 percent more performance compared to the previous generation. This new family of 22 nm processors is ideally suited for high performance computing, cloud and enterprise segments.

The new Xeon product family (code named “Haswell”) is based on Intel's leading 22-nanometer process technology, contributing to dramatic energy efficiency improvements. The processor family also features up to 12 cores and delivers 1.38x more performance running Ansys Mechanical and 1.19x more performance with ANSYS Fluent. "With 1.3x higher performance, this platform is a powerhouse for most workflows" said Joe Solecki, Vice President Physics Business Unit at Ansys. "It helps to make HPC an even more strategic technology for design and engineering teams".

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Intel recognizes you need more than just processors that deliver greater performance for your ANSYS applications. Along with industry-leading microprocessors, Intel delivers platform technology solutions that combine processor, chipset, and software which optimize performance and improve throughput, giving engineering professionals the ability to solve problems faster, process larger data sets, and meet design challenges more effectively.

Intel and ANSYS, using the industry-leading benchmarking approach from ANSYS and Intel Software Development Products like Intel® MKL, Compilers and VTune Performance Analyzer, have demonstrated that applications from ANSYS running on computers with Intel Xeon processors deliver superior performance and scalability.

Finally, ANSYS applications are registered with Intel® Cluster Ready (ICR - a program that simplifies buying, deploying, and managing HPC clusters) so you can be confident that ICR registered hardware and software components will work together, right out of the box.

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HPC and Intel Cluster Ready:
ANSYS is committed to offering applications that deliver outstanding performance on Intel® processing platforms. As a member of the Intel® Cluster Ready program, ANSYS is making it easier to extend the power of our applications through high-performance computing (HPC). 
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